January 3 That First Day of School Excitement

“You must unlearn what you have learned.” Yoda, Jedi Master

Today my First was supposed to be going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is Star Wars part 99, or something close. Even though I haven’t seen all the rest, I get it. It’s a war in the stars and it’s mostly like a battle between good and evil. There are always so many cool costumes and Yoda quotes that are very zen. Everybody has a weird name and there are lasers. Yea, I get it. And I wanted to see it today. But it was sold out, so I found something else to do: I washed my car. And although that was necessary, there was nothing new or exciting happening there. It wasn’t a First and already I was thinking: this “doing something new every day” stuff is harder than it looks.

Pretty much the whole day went by and I forgot that I was supposed to do a new thing. I was too preoccupied doing all of my “old” things: gym, yoga, clean the house, cook dinner, eat dinner, you know – I totally forgot!

Today was the last day of my fabulously delicious time off from work for the holidays, otherwise known as The Winter Shutdown. Gotta love it. Tomorrow is gonna be back to the grind. Waking up early, scraping off the car, driving to work, parking about as far from my office as possible while still technically being “at work” and then walking forever in the freezing cold to my building where WORK will be waiting for me. Uugghh!! The Lottery is up to like a gazillion dollars, I could still play and possibly never have to work anywhere, ever again. Spoiler alert: winning the lottery was not my First today. The numbers don’t come out until Wednesday, so stay tuned……

As mundane as all of that tomorrow-stuff sounds, I am actually looking forward to going back to work! What? Who? NOW we’re talking firsts. When has this EVER happened in the history of my life? Ummm…….never. In 6th grade, I was really excited about the first day of school, but I digress. I am excited about tomorrow precisely because I know that I am going to do something new (whatever that may be) and I am happy about it. Every day is like Christmas. There is something to this whole “I Dare Me” thing. It’s totally a psychological head trip.

I picked out my clothes for tomorrow just like I did the night before my first day of 6th grade. I packed my gym bag, set out my shower towel, prepared my breakfast AND lunch and packed them neatly in their little “breakfast” and “lunch” containers. I am even going to bed early. This is weird. Excited about work. Super weird. It’s definitely a First. I’m going with it.


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  1. Brian says:

    As I mentioned to you in the past….you brighten my day!


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