January 4 Sunrise Yoga – but the sun wasn’t even awake yet

“Limits exist only in the mind.” Aristotle

The sunrise this morning was at 7:15 AM, exactly 15 minutes after my sunrise yoga class ended. Nevertheless, I got my morning yoga on, and enjoyed it immensely.

My alarm clock went off at 5AM. In sleep I had been transported to a blissful paradise where clouds billowed around my body and whisked me into the most wonderful coma-like peacefulness that anyone has ever experienced (without the coma).  I chose a “new” alarm tone that sounded like heavenly harps instead of the familiar BOMP! BOMP! BOMP! screaming me awake. The room was the perfect temperature and perfect darkness.  When I escaped the warm embrace of my bed, I was not struck by that shock of cold floor/cold air. I was completely rested. My clothes were set out and ready to go. Breakfast was already made, I remotely started the car to warm it and defrost the windshield. Everything was right with the world. Had I ever had a morning like this? I thought about it…. will I ever have another one?

Not being a morning person, I had some internal objections to altering my yoga/meditation schedule to include 6AM hot yoga. Yes I will say it again: 6AM HOT yoga. But this is the year of flipping everything on its head, so you’d better bring it 6AM Hot-Yoga-Teacher-Lady-Goddess-Woman! And bring it, she did.

It seems as though I am not the only one switching everything up in the new year. When I walked into the yoga studio, everything had been moved around. Yoga mats in a different room, locker cubbies on a different wall, the students were set up in the studio sanctuary differently, etc. I was a little disoriented. But once the class started and the sweat started pouring off my body, I was hooked on 6AM hot yoga.

This is absolutely the BEST way to start the day. I had heard other students raving about how wonderful it felt to get your day going with a workout and meditation and a good sweat first thing in the morning, but I preferred my 7:30PM hot yoga class. I had never ventured to leave the house at 5:30AM to get all sweaty. I always told myself that I would not have enough time to get home and get showered in time for work. That, with so little post-workout time for my “beauty” routine, that every day would become a “bad hair day”. I would not get adequate sleep the night before. I’d have to go to bed too early. Morning traffic would be horrendous. It would be cold. It would be dark. There might be a stray dog in the neighborhood waiting to attack as I left the house. If I started eating so early in the morning, I would have to pack so much MORE food to take to work in my lunch bag. I thought of every irrational objection to waking up at the crack of dawn and working out. Then I chose to do it as one of my Firsts, and it was ultra fabulous. Going back tomorrow!


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  1. Brian says:

    I am hooked!!! I am going to read this blog everyday!


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