January 11 Life On Mars?

“If you’re ever sad, just remember the world is 4.543 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie.” Dean Podestá

David Bowie died today and I thought it fitting to honor him with a pictorial homage. He was super weird, and I admire the courage weird requires. He fascinated me. He was a showman. He was bold. To be true to yourself at any cost, in the face of adversity, is an art form.

I chose to recreate the “Life On Mars?” photo shoot to honor David Bowie as my First today. I just happened to have all of the elements of that particular look at home: peacock blue eye shadow, whisper pink lipstick, striped shirt, blazer, orange wig (just kidding about that one- but should I ever need one in the future, I am now prepared). I once helped Tall Handsome Son create an ofrenda for Michael Jackson on el Dia de los Muertos, but I’ve never created a pictorial homage. Yeah, we’re a dark family.

Tall Handsome Son got a lot of good photos but when we tried to upload them, it was a no-go. My camera wouldn’t participate. Actually none of my electronic devices were participating. At one point the laptop even went offline. Can you say “spooky” kids? The only photo I managed to salvage was distorted, but I think the distortion makes it perfectly imperfect, just like David.

I love Elsa Mars’ (American Horror Story) rendition of “Life On Mars?” If I ever die and come back as a TV character, I want to be Elsa Mars. Or Catalina on My Name Is Earl.

Bowie distorted



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