January 15 Zentangle

My masterpiece


“You never know just how much you need art therapy until you sit down with pen in hand.” Catalina Hurtado

Someone suggested that I take a free class at the library. I had never done that before, so this was my First for today. A distant cousin of mine already traced my family tree back to Eastern Europe (1700’s), so Genealogy class was out.

Zentangle looked more like my thing. Zentangle is basically vegging out while doodling. Like a black and white acid trip without all the skin crawling and zombies and stuff. I loved it. There was only me and one other student taking the class. Once I got into it and let myself go, it was very relaxing. I was able to block out the noise of construction (library expansion), kids running (this is a library, for Pete’s sake…where is your mom?) and the chatter of the other student and my instructor. You learn to let go of mistakes very quickly in Zentangle. Things won’t turn out perfectly. Your hands shake, your eyes play tricks on you. Sunflowers start to look like mini cockroaches. But you train yourself not to give up, to just go with it.

My Zentangle is completely free hand, except for the outer circle, I used a coffee mug. Card stock and a fine tipped Sharpie are all that was needed to make it. I think it is lovely. I am going to put it on my fridge. Zentangle with my non-dominant hand…..hmmm, that might be another First.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Brian says:

    That looks cool!


  2. Thanks, it was a pretty cool experience making it.


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