January 16 The “I Love Me” Thai Soup

thai soup

“Pineapples.” Kevin Hart

The first time I ever visited this particular local Thai restaurant, I ordered the pineapple-coconut-curry-shrimp soup. It was delicious and they mold the rice into a heart shape. Awwww……. The first time I went was with McDreamy. I don’t think McDreamy was that into me because when the soup was served with the rice molded into a heart shape, he went to great lengths to explain to me that they do that for everyone, that this was not special in any way. Oh, like you mean you didn’t call ahead and ask the chef to break out his special heart-shaped rice molds, just for me? Oh, ok. Because I totally thought you did.

Today my First was to make the soup at home for myself and I wish I had heart shaped molds for the rice. Note to self: love yourself because nobody can rock a pineapple-coconut-curry-shrimp soup or any-damn-thing-else-that-you-do quite like you, darlin’.

The soup is easy to make and packs quite a punch. It was yummy and I’m glad I now know how to make it for myself.

Coconut milk, red paste curry, fish sauce, pineapples, scallions, red bell pepper, jalapeno, green beans, shrimp. Done.

Happy day!


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