January 18 It Always Happens When No One Is Recording

“Just do it.” Shia LeBeouf

The greatest embarrassment of my life is that I can’t hula hoop. I can’t even spell it. Is it hula or hoola? Children hula hoop, 80 year olds hula hoop. I’m kinda goofy and I’ve just never been able to do it. Tall Handsome Son has won hula hooping contests (really) so I asked him to teach me how to hula hoop today. My Sister-Cousin was on Facetime with us and also trying to help.

This is what happened:

Then I watched some silly Shia LeBeouf “Just Do It” video and I got so pumped, I swear to you, I DID IT! I hula hooped for a full 30 seconds. I was screaming my head off the entire time and laughing, I was so excited. My Sister-Cousin was on Facetime and Tall Handsome Son cheered me on. THEY SAW IT. I REALLY DID IT. I DID.  For the first time in my life and the camera wasn’t on that time…….



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  1. Brian says:

    Great job!


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