January 19 The youtube Make-up Tutorial

make up.PNG 

“I don’t wear make-up and here’s why: I’m heavy-handed and I like purple.” Lulu Starchild

I used to sell make-up in another life and I got tons of free products. Back in the day, I put in the time to get dolled up in the morning. I am my mother’s daughter. My mom would do her hair and make-up just to get the mail. Make-up was an extreme sport for me and I took no prisoners. I re-applied after eating, I blotted mid-day. And when I went out at night, I’d go all out. There isn’t a look I haven’t attempted: matte, sultry, mod, goth, punk, pixie, glam, sparkle, rave, retro, glow in the dark, “natural”. Ode to Joy: Lip Glass, Showoffs, Urban Decay, MAC, Dior, Lancome. This was my playground.

But lately, I’ve been needing a little something. A little pop. A little smoky eye, pouty lip, fake beauty mark. I’m not picky. Just something. These eyes were made to smoke, baby. I just haven’t found my inspiration. These days, I usually wear a few swipes of mascara and lip balm. That is the sum total of my beauty routine. I’ve fallen so far.

Today I thought I would get my make-up mojo going with a youtube tutorial for a smoky eye that can be worn during the day. Subtle but not too plain. Make-up, but not made up. Of course, my photographer took the day off! Kids…(Tall Handsome Son is the official photographer of I Dare Me 2016 Edition). So I had to take pictures of myself which is super weird. It’s difficult to focus the camera when your eyes are closed because you are trying to show off their smokiness. My camera was doing that weird double exposure spooky stuff again but I kinda like it. See for yourself.

Does the spookiness overtake the smokiness? Double exposed not on purpose.

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