January 25 Switching Up the Workout – Superman Style

tv workout
“Walking Dead” Couch Potato Rehab example

 “You won’t get the ass you want by sitting on it.” Wise Woman

I wanted to workout this evening but Tall, Handsome Son wanted to watch Man of Steel. We’ve seen it – but so what? To compromise, I decided to switch up my workout in a way that I have read about but never tried. I think it’s called Couch Potato Rehab. Or maybe that’s just the name I gave it in my brain. Have you heard of this? It goes something like this: when watching your favorite episode of XYZ show, whenever the Main Character does that thing that he/she always does in every episode, you drop and pump out 20 push-ups. Whenever Main Character’s Main Squeeze makes an appearance in the show, you do 15 lunges. Whenever there is a change of scenery, you do 10 squats. During every commercial, you knock out 30 crunches. You get the picture.

Since this was a Superman movie I decided that Superman push-ups would be appropriate. Ha! Ha! Appropriate? Yes. Possible? Not yet. I was able to do a plank with alternating arm and leg lifts, preparing for my one-day-super-explosive-superman-push-ups. Not today though. Every time Superman’s Earth or Krypton parents were on the screen, I did 15 of my plank-arm-leg-Superman-things. Every time there was a fight scene, I did 20 leg-around-booty-things and most of the rest of the stuff in this video. If Lois Lane made an appearance, it was all about the abs using the exercises in this video. This movie was exhausting! I felt like I was doing the stunts. But it was a great workout. If you are going to try this, I suggest using a whiteboard next to the TV so you remember what to do and when. Trust me on this, after your first round, your brain will start to get all squirrelly on you and you won’t know whether you are supposed to drop it down low, bring it up slow, look back at it, or what. I also used a workout app PopSugar Fitness (another First) to get my exercise videos. Yippee!


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