January 27 Have an Indoor Picnic


“The perfect date for me would be staying at home, making a big picnic in bed, eating Wotsits and cookies while watching cable TV.” Kim Kardashian

Not only was today a First for me, it was a First for Tall Handsome Son. We had a picnic on the floor of my bedroom. I swung by Golden Pride after work and picked up some BBQ chicken, potato salad, spicy beans, mac ‘n cheese and green beans; threw a sheet down on the floor with pillows; turned on “outdoor” sounds on the TV (birds chirping, woodpeckers pecking, kids laughing); sat, ate and talked.

I’ve never eaten dinner in my bedroom much less picnic style on the floor, it was pretty cool. We talked about our day. Tall Handsome Son hung out with friends after school then stopped by the Comic Book Store and got a free comic book. I went to lunch earlier at Vinaigrette and sat about 3 feet away from Seth Rogen. I don’t know if he’s filming a movie in town but there has been movie activity at the corner of my house for the last few days: lots of lights, cameras, trucks and cars. I thought about “crashing” the set yesterday as a First but reconsidered. I don’t know if there are fines for that sort of thing – seriously.

It was a pretty chill dinner on my bedroom floor. Tall Handsome Son said: “Mom, I really enjoyed this tonight. I’ve never been on a picnic.” Hmmm…..something tells me when this weather breaks, we are going to have a real First for him. Maybe I’ll take him on a picnic in Aruba….stay tuned.


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