February 3 Social Media

social media.PNG“What happens in Vegas, stays on YouTube.” Erik Qualman

I’m not very social-media savvy. I don’t use it. I prefer to be social in-person. That’s great, it’s just that the rest of the free world prefers to be social on their devices. So I’m kind of a weirdo. I actually like to talk at dinner instead of taking pictures of my food and posting them on Instagram. If I see a funny video snippet I am most likely to email it instead of putting it on Facebook. If we have a problem, I’m probably going to hem you up in person or at the very least on a phone call, as opposed to resorting to a passive-aggressive meme. Call me crazy!

Today all of that changed. I am now on Instagram (Starchild2016), Facebook (Lulu Starchild) and Twitter (Starchild2016@LuluStarchild). I guess Snapchat is next! I am so not a snap-chatter, Older Charming (and also Handsome) Son sends me screen shots of his snap-chats so I can still participate. That’s kinda NOT the point of snap-chatting, right? A screen shot? I still don’t understand Instagram and I’ve only sent one tweet. Facebook is a little more intuitive. I have cheat sheets and directions for dummies for all of the social media platforms. Setting up all of these accounts was like taking a calculus exam. It wasn’t easy. But I am re-working my brain into learning new things. Thank you, I Dare Me Challenge!

I am going to find myself a young person to help figure all of this crap out…… I may have to pay him/her (I’m a slow learner and I require A LOT of patience from teachers) but we are going to get this. If you are on social media, hit me up!

first tweet


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