February 5 First Friday Fractals



“The cosmos is all there is, or ever was, or ever will be.” Carl Sagan

Captain’s Log: Stardate 43267. We have just made contact with a psychedelic, candy-coated, Pink Floyd-induced, plasmatic, brain dripping super-cluster head trip in the observable universe. Don’t do this: take pain meds before going to the First Friday Fractals light show on the ceiling of the planetarium at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History – unless you totally want to wig out.

I have spent the entire day in bed, in pain. Pin-balling between discomfort and teeth gnashing, literally with every breath. I needed to do something way out this evening for my First. Something to get my mind off of breathing. I knew that the First Friday Fractals light show was in a full-dome planetarium from the description on the museum website. I know that planetariums = looking up and leaning back. I know that looking up and leaning back = pain, in my current pericarditic condition. The outer lining of my heart is apparently inflamed or as My Sunshine described it: my inner super-hero is trying to burst out from within me. And it hurts, read all about my ordeal here.

Enter the pain meds. I’m a lightweight, this much is true. Cough medicine puts me in a coma. The fractal light show is a 3-D experience in the sky. On pain meds, it’s like travelling inside your body on a Magic Schoolbus and getting to know your own DNA, personally. I saw the universe give birth to our solar system. I saw stars die.  I witnessed the creation of the earth. I understood the meaning of life and death. The Buddha invited me to sit upon a lotus flower and sip the sweet nectar of nirvana. I heard my blood flowing through my veins. I was a redwood tree. I was an atom. It was a little bit awesome and I was quite loopy. I didn’t hear anybody else yelling out, “Whoaaaaaa…..dude!” but no matter. I felt as though I was on a highly educational, mathematical, scientific roller coaster in space having tea with the Mad Hatter and Willie Wonka. It was great. You should go.

Imagine this coming at you in 3-D from the sky



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