February 6 National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

ICFBD.PNG“When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.” Abraham Lincoln

There is some confusion over the exact date of National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. The Official Calendar of Off-Beat Holidays says that this day is on the first Saturday of February (today). But in honor of Malia Grace Peterson this holiday is celebrated on February 18 in support of children with cancer. I am not opposed to a do-over. I had ice cream for breakfast this morning at The Dunkin’ Donuts / Baskin Robbins combo store with Tall Handsome Son and Juicy, but to be honest it was a Red Lipstick Day. A Red Lipstick Day, for me, is a day when I feel like crap. I put on red lipstick so that the crappiness doesn’t show. (Just a little tip from me to you – that one is free. Warning: it doesn’t always work). I haven’t played around with filters on instagram yet so that I can look dreamy in every picture, no matter if I have #morningface, #sickface, #feellikeshit or not. I am  still coughing, sneezing, wheezing and having slight chest pains today. The ice cream did make it better, though.

On the upside, I know that when I feel not-so-fabulous, I feel better when I do something for someone else. So I took Tall Handsome Son to  get a make-under. What is a make-under you ask? It is when you take away some of the distractions that block natural beauty. I love Tall Handsome Son’s natural hair but that hair is high maintenance (have you seen that hula-hoop video?) To really rock all that ‘fro requires time, care and products. We live in a desert and deserts are not loving or kind to curly hair. We went for a more get-up-and-go style today. I think he looks ultra-fabulous…..what do you think? Some woman in Florida “liked” it immediately on Twitter. You go, boy!

Watch out now! All that handsome-ness and dimples! Lawd!


Still gonna paint this weird mash-up of Bob Marley and Tall Handsome Son…one day (when I learn how to paint with something besides my fingers)

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