February 11 Promotional Video For Work Looking Like a Punk Rocker

“Part of filmmaking is always a guessing game, and part of it is always a game of trust.” Greg Kinnear

I was asked to take part in a promotional video at work for the first time today. Of course, I said yes! I thought it would be fun. I have already done promotional print work for them and it’s fun when someone randomly recognizes me. The timing for the filming was perfect. Yesterday I had my “I Love Me” Day so I was ready. New hair cut, nails, make-up.

I wasn’t informed that I would be filming in front of a green screen. So I wore a green-ish shirt. Well, you can’t film properly in front of a green screen in a green-ish shirt, you’ll end up looking like a floating head. The cameraman asked me to put on my black leather jacket to counteract the green-ness of my shirt. I work for a pretty conservative company and leather jackets are not the way that I would typically think of showing up on film. So it was quite funny that he asked me to wear it. I did my bit and afterward when I was done with the filming, I looked in the mirror and I was missing an earring! OMG, short pixie hair, leather jacket and one earring! I can’t wait to see this video….

punk rock.PNG


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