February 16 Children’s Storytime With Inappropriate Books

“In every moment we are either interfering with or enhancing the relationship we have with our children. The choice is ours.” Vicki Hoefle

In our house, we read. Anything, everything, all the time. We don’t have TV and haven’t had it for most of my children’s lives. We know that readers are leaders! Tall Handsome Son and I came across a narration by Samuel L. Jackson on youtube. He is narrating a children’s book titled Go The F#ck To Sleep. It’s the loving story of a father’s experiences with his new daughter (who refuses to go the f#ck to sleep). Anyone with children will appreciate the (loving) frustration in this book. It’s hilarious. Listen and watch:

Today I decided to surprise Tall Handsome Son with other children’s books from our local library. Judith Vigna has written children’s books on such real world topics such  as drug and alcohol abuse; divorce, etc. These are very serious topics and should be explained to children. We had fun with the titles and subject matter in a fit of silliness.

book titles.PNG

xion reading.PNG
He sat and read them all!



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