February 23 Gender Bender Karaoke Battle

Eminem “Lose Yourself”

“How many light bulbs does it take to change people?”

Tonight I went to The Library  and O.M.G. It was the WAKA Adult Dodge Ball League’s Gender Bender Karaoke Battle Tournament. These folks know how to have fun! Personally, I’m all for a good gender bend (Darth Vader, David Bowie, Prince  and Batman are on my highlight reel) but my faves tonight were the MEN in drag! Imagine all kinds of delicious, bearded, wigged, lipsticked, hairy-legged awesomeness! Have a looksie for yourself if you don’t believe me. Carpe Diem!




Look at the little girls in the background – thoroughly confused



Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” What?You couldn’t find stilettos in a size 12?



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