February 27 Coloradical

“My life is dope and I do dope shit.” Kanye West

Today was quite possibly one of the best days of my life. I woke up and went on  my First Real Hike ever. To be honest, I later found out that as far as hiking goes, this was like the Fairyland of hikes. This was the bunny trail. But I have never been hiking up a mountain, up and over rocks and through tall grass at an impossible angle, so this was BIG for me. We started at Wonderland Lake in North Boulder then hiked up. We got to the top and it was astonishingly beautiful!

After taking photos, we took a drive to a mountain town called Nederland for a FANTASTIC lunch at the co-op. Is it the mountain air that makes all this organic, vegetarian food taste so dang good? I had Thai Coconut Vegetable Soup with a Pesto Provolone Vegetable Sprout Sandwich and Rose Lemonade. Yummy! My boys were also  in heaven. Tall Handsome Son said his sandwich was the best he had ever had in his life and I totally believe him.

Some dude from Nederland, Colorado wanted his body to be frozen after his death and a festival to take place once a year. The town honored his wishes and there is Frozen Dead Guy Festival once a year here. This year it is March 11-13. I feel another First coming…..

After lunch, we drove over to Estes Park for sorbet and cookies from Laura’s, peeked in a few shops then went to the Stanley Hotel. The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in The Shining (scary Stephen King movie from my childhood). This hotel is reportedly one of the most haunted places in the U.S. especially room 217 (changed to 237 in the movie), although every single room in this hotel has had something strange happen in it. We took a beautiful drive back down the mountain, back  to Older Charming and Also Handsome Son’s house in North Boulder where we watched a movie: what else? The Shining (it’s still creepy 36 years later).

hike 1
View from ground level of the mountain we climbed

hike 2.PNG

hike 3.PNG
Wonderland Lake practically in Older Charming and Also Handsome Son’s backyard
hike 5.PNG
This was the rocky path we traversed
hike 9.PNG
A little higher up
hike 8.PNG
Little bit higher
Yoga posin’ it up at the top

hike 13.PNG


hike 7.PNG
My babies


hike 16.PNG
Step in the name of love
hike 17.PNG
The drive to Nederland
hike 20.PNG
The Continental Divide



hike 22.PNG
Nederland, Colorado
hike 23
I am coming back for the festival of The Frozen Dead Guy
hike 24
Lunch of the Awesome Sandwiches

hike 25

hike 26.PNG

hike 28.PNG

hike 29

hike 30.PNG
The Stanley Hotel


hike 35.PNG
P Diddy was in Estes Park, chillin’





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