March 5 Halloween

Traditional Halloween Rhyme

Last Hallow Eve

I sought a walnut tree

In hopes my true love’s face

I might see.

Three times I called,

Three times I walked apace,

Then in the tree

I saw my true lover’s face

We have it all wrong. Halloween is not a scary holiday at all. I read a book today all about Halloween and Witches. It is called “A Witch’s Halloween” and it is written by a Wiccan High Priestess. We’ve got Witches all wrong too.

Halloween is actually a deeply sacred day with sacred celebrations. A night to remember ancestors, be thankful for harvests and a New Year’s Eve celebration for the Wicca religion. Wiccans have a spiritual desire to connect to Mother Earth. Devils are not worshipped and evil spells are not cast. How this holiday got so off track I will never know.

Tall Handsome Son gave me this book to read today and it was very eye opening. I am deeply interested in all religions of the world. I believe that understanding a person’s beliefs is the key to understanding them. And I had fun casting a few spells: in the name of love. No eyes of newt or bat wings!


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