March 9 Teacher Training

“The best teachers teach from the heart and not from the book.”

I am not a teacher but I play one on TV. That is not a true statement. Start over: I am not a teacher. But I kinda am because I’m a mom and I had to teach my kids how to wipe their butts, and turn in their homework on time and act normal in front of people. And that counts for something. Therefore, I have been a teacher for 24 years.

Building on that, I decided that I want to teach a class in addition to my “regular” job so I took a teacher training class offered at my workplace. Over a two day period I had to pick a subject and teach it to the class of 10 students and two instructors. We were required to come up with a legit lesson plan and include all of the elements of media usage, participation, lecture, demonstration, etc. It was a great course and I learned so much about planning – and improv.

I chose to teach my class yogic breathing techniques and 3 yoga poses: Warrior I, II and III. My classmates had various topics such as: 1. How to Win a Chili Cookoff (he brought in homemade award-winning chili), 2. How to Play Magic the Gathering – a wizard battle card game, 3. How to Plan an Emergency Drill Schedule, 4. How to Properly Perform the Butterfly Stroke, 5. How to Transfer Large Email Files. Seriously, it was all over the place. We had a great time, there was much humor and support involved.

The actual class that I will eventually teach has nothing to do with yoga but I’m sure I will employ those calming, breathing techniques before class to calm my nerves. And possibly use jedi mind tricks on the students.


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