March 11 Dead Fish For Plant Food


“My fake plants died because I forgot to pretend to water them.” Mitch Hedberg

I love my plants like they are my children. I take care of them. I talk to them. I laugh at their jokes. Today I learned another all natural, chemical- free, method of fertilizer to add to my arsenal: Fish Emulsion. If you have not tried this, BEWARE. Fish Emulsion is ground up fish bodies. This is very good for plants, but not so good for the humans living with the plants. My entire house smelled like stank for a couple of hours after feeding this concoction to my lovelies. I believe I saw them perk up within a couple of hours though. Call me crazy, but they looked different. Greener. Perkier. Happier. See for yourself.





So fresh and so green, green



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