March 13 Advanced Yoga Poses

This is my crow pose…looks easy. Go ahead try it!

“You will never always be motivated. You have to learn to be disciplined.”

I can’t swim. I tried to learn for the first time when I was 38 years old. There are some things that are advisable to learn for the first time when you are 38 years old: how to play the guitar, gardening, shuffle board. Not swimming. If you haven’t already given swimming a shot by the time you are 38, maybe it’s something you should just chalk up. Well, I didn’t get that memo. I went to the Natatorium every single day at 5 AM for months. Months, I tell you. I had an octogenarian swim instructor (Mike) and several octogenarian swimmers who would cheer me on. A lesser woman would have been embarrassed by the 80-something-year-olds lapping her. Not me, I have no shame.

Every day at swim “practice” I waited for Mike to tell me I had to let go of my floaties. (Yes I used floaties like a 2 year old. I had a belt and I had a paddle. On my good days, I would use one or the other but most times I needed both – because that’s how you roll when you are 38 and deathly afraid of water). But the day to let go never came and Mike just let me keep on using floaties until the inevitable Labor Day Pool Shut Down. Winter came and went and I never went back. I didn’t learn how to swim.

I’m saying that to say that I have been lagging on my yoga practice. Bet you didn’t see that coming. I practice daily but I don’t push myself. In a sense, this is like the floaties situation. I go in, I do my thing, I sweat, I get my glow on, I Namaste, I leave. My yoga practice does heaps of good for my life but I’m not pushing myself. Enter Maya. I love Maya. Maya is a yoga goddess. She is one of my teachers, she teaches Hot Yang Yoga. She is strong like a horse, graceful like a swan, soft spoken and motivating. You better bring your A-game to her class. Not hydrated? Not rested? Not warmed up? Today may be the day that you die. Seriously, you may take your last breath in one of her classes. Maya pushes. Maya challenges. Maya makes you believe that you can fly. Then she makes you prove it.

So…today I took the Maya pill and I believed. She helped me do a handstand, showed us all how to do flying pigeon (this is insane and may take months for me to perfect) and I finally did crow pose. Core strength. I’m realizing that life is core strength. Yoga is my shizzzz.

Flying pigeon. This is not me…yet!

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