March 16 Pulling Weeds

My Stairs

“What would become of the garden if the gardener treated all the weeds and slugs and birds and trespassers as he would like to be treated, if he were in their place?” Thomas Henry Huxley 

We all have to pull the weeds in our lives at some time or another {literally and metaphorically}. Today I pulled them in my back (or is it front?) yard. My current place and my last have had a mixed up front door /back door situation. I’ll explain…

Backstory: In my last house, the front of the house faced Martin Luther King Jr Ave. The “planning committee” made up a new street (which in reality is a driveway leading to the back parking lot) and called it Bel Vedere Lane. Mysteriously, my address was on Bel Vedere Lane, which isn’t a street at all, it’s a driveway – in the back of the house – that leads to a freaking parking lot! I don’t know about you but I get two different visuals when I think of an address on Bel Vedere Lane versus one on Martin Luther King Jr Avenue. And the rent is higher on Bel Vedere Lane. I believe this was the effect they were going for. So my front door was actually my back door and my back door was actually my front door. Whenever I had pizza delivered, I would have to tell the guy to just go to the intersection of MLK and Broadway and call me. I lived two doors down from that intersection. Funny, how we decide what goes and what stays.

In my current house I live in the basement of a huge house. My front door is actually in the back yard. So the back yard is actually my front yard because it is right outside of my front door and it’s the first thing I see every day. Confusing, I know, but stick around long enough and you’ll get used to it.

I covered my yard in rocks a couple of years ago because it was just a dirt patch when I moved there and that was a dusty, disgusting mess. At least now we can eat brunch at the patio table or make s’mores in the fire pit. I put a tent up in summer and call it my “outdoor yoga studio.” Yes, I’m a dreamer.

I live in a desert and there is very little green here, much less than you think. This place looks like Mars from the sky, just brown dirt. Weeds flourish in my yard and they are so GREEN. I don’t mind it at all. I love green. So what does one do? Pull them up by their roots because weeds are undesirables in the neighborhood? Or leave them because they have chosen this sacred place to take root and have proven strong enough to survive the harshness of the unending sun and lack of water? Other less hearty plants have to be coddled: taken care of, given certain nutrients to thrive, watered regularly, stripped of pests. Weeds just grow. They just #DoTheDamnThing #EveryDamnDay. I feel like I should reward them for surviving in such a discordant place where no one wants them, no one looks at them favorably, ever has anything nice to say about them, ever shows them off.

This was my dilemma as I “weeded” my yard today. I think I may tame them without destroying them. I would like to have less of them in the sitting areas but on the outskirts – let them grow wild! I have “before” photos but since this was more than one day’s worth of work for one person, the “after” photos will have to be updated later – maybe this weekend when I have more hours to work and more thoughts to weed through.

My Weeds
More Weeds

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