March 17 Scooby Snack

scooby snack

“You got nothing on me, Copper!” Nick Hurwitz

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and I don’t know who he was, but I think he was a drinker. In honor of his life and times and all of the great things that he surely must have done to get to sainthood, I “poured some out for my homie” St. Patty. Pouring some out for one’s homie’s is actually an ancient tradition that goes back to biblical days – fact check me on this.

To celebrate, I went to Louie’s with my good friend, Juicy. We had wings and quesadillas (sacred food for religious feasts – not a fact) and I had a Scooby Snack to drink. I chose this drink purely based on the name, which is how any drink should be chosen. I enjoy whimsy. I am actually only alive for whimsy. I had no expectation that this would be the most delicious beverage ever concocted. It was so good, but alcohol makes me sleepy, so it was an early night. We had fun and enjoyed the St. Patty’s Day revelers, one of whom would not leave Juicy alone for the entire evening – but you’ll have that.

This is what’s in the Scooby Snack, in case you, like me, have never heard of this most wonderful libation:

Scooby Snack recipe: Pour rum, creme de banane, melon liqueur and pineapple juice into a stainless steel shaker over ice. Add whipped cream, and shake; until well mixed and sufficiently chilled. Strain into an old-fashioned glass and shoot.

I don’t know this dude, but I want to. LMAO~Is that Prince with a fish guitar?



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