March 18 Dancing With The Door

Jammin’ to Rihanna’s “Work” LOL

“If I had the chance, I’d ask the world to dance. And I’ll be dancing with myself.” Billy Idol, Dancing With Myself

Don’t do this: dance with a door as your dance partner. I have been taking suggestions for new Firsts, this is no secret to anyone who knows me. I’ll try just about anything. I’ve gotten some good suggestions. I have a list and every so often when nothing is going on, I pull one off of The List. But this? Really?

Someone suggested that I do this as a way to practice “partner” dancing (AKA Stepping AKA Hand Dancing) because I don’t have a partner to practice with. The idea is that you hold the door knob and swing and move in and out as you would with a “real live partner.” The door moves as you move and it’s all very life-like. No it’s not. It sucks and I stubbed my toe. I appreciate the suggestion, but…LOOKING FOR A REAL MAN TO BE MY DANCE PARTNER. Putting that out into the universe too. Let’s see if that makes it way back to me.

Dear Universe,

I’d rather have the man than the expensive facial…just so we’re clear. Thanks.



This was right before the toe-stubbing incident

PS, You can’t learn how to do this with a door!!!


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