March 22 Vision Board

My son gave this to me…last year. LOL

“The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.” Marcus Aurelius

My Vision Board is an entire corner in my kitchen. This is where I visualize what I want and am grateful for, then send it out into the Universe through pretty pictures. Every day. At breakfast, at lunch, at dinner. When I walk in the house, as I leave, when I’m hanging out with friends and family, when I’m on the phone, while I listen to music, update my blog.

Always working on “getting it,” “sending it,” “being it.” Using the Power of Attraction. My Vision Board focuses on how I want to FEEL not just the stuff I want to get. I only want that stuff because I believe it will make me feel a certain way anyway. I have keepsakes from places and people that make me feel all good and smiley in my heart. Today as I decided to take someone’s suggestion to make a Vision Board for a First, I realized I have one. I updated it with purpose, tweeked some things and see it with new eyes.

Some things on my Vision Board:

I love being with my boy (Older Charming and Also Handsome Son) in Colorado. He’s so happy there and when I see him, I’m happy. So I have a lot of stuff on there that makes me think of places I’ve been with him.

I have pictures of Green Army Men and Pink Army Women in various yoga poses because we are all Soldiers of Love and the practice of yoga has been key in maintaining my sanity and serenity.

I have a pic of Prince with that FACE that just cracks me up every time I see it.

I have inspirational quotes that remind me of what I sometimes forget: chill; you are beautiful; people love and need you; you are strong; capable; be grateful; helpful; and don’t try so hard.

Darth Vader makes me think of Tall Handsome Son and how much fun we had at Comic Con.

I have a pic of the most glamorous wedding dress – a definite must when I find my Prince Charming.

Wonder Woman is representin’,  as are two young super hero-clad girls who already realize The Power of She.

I added a goal sheet with three concrete things that I want to accomplish in the next (less than) 5 years.

My Vision Board



Makes me think of Austin, Texas and Mexico
Cracks me up!



The completed version of this lives on the wall



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