March 28 Busted!

crazy party

“Sneaking in the house is not how you want to first meet the parents. Trust me on this…” Catalina Hurtado

Today my First was to totally bust my kid having a Spring Break Party at the house. Really, dude? This was actually ingenious on his part, but it didn’t work out. I agreed to the party starting AFTER I got home from work – at like 5PMish. He told everyone to show up at like 11:30AM. His plan was to have them there all day doing teenage stuff and then when I got home at 5, to tell me that they just got there a few minutes before. Well, guess who came home for lunch? SURPRISE!!!!

So, we used this as a teaching moment and this was the lesson: don’t lie to me about what is going down in my house when I’m not here because I am responsible for these kids whether I am here or not AND if I go to jail or get fined for Girls Gone Wild in my house without my knowledge or consent, I’m going to raise bloody hell and your life is going to suck in the orphanage.

After we got that understood, we had a great time and I bought pizza.


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