March 30 Geocaching

The Cactus Drive-In was the first drive in movie theatre in the state of New Mexico and it was located at 1610 Yale Boulevard SE Albuquerque, NM 87106, now the site of a geocache (if you can find it)

“You can either be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It all depends on how you view your life.” Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes

Geocaching is basically treasure hunting. There are people all over the world who hide capsules with goodies inside, then post the latitude and longitude coordinates of the capsule online at for other people to find. You can sign the log book of a found geocache and take an item out as long as you put something in, of similar value.  Some caches are the size of a perfume sample vial and some are as large as a shoe box and beyond. There are all kinds of neat little things that are left in the caches by the owners and visitors. There are tokens in some caches that are tracked online to see all the cool places that they have travelled. Tall Handsome Son and I created a mini “swag bag” full of little trinkets that we might have left in a cache, had we found any. Our swag included Mardi Gras beads, a pin from Norwegian Cruise Lines, two tiny plastic hearts, a lanyard, Play-Doh and a plastic easter egg.

Geocaching is an intriguing activity. I thought it would be fun to treasure hunt with Tall Handsome Son so today my First was to find the old Cactus Drive-In Cache. In the 1940’s, the Cactus was a drive-in movie theatre in what is now our neighborhood (N 35° 03.908 W 106° 37.156). It was listed on the website as an easy to find geocache, so off we went. This cache is a micro-cache meaning it is VERY small. Hence, very difficult to find! I’ve given you the coordinates, if you find it, knock on my door and let me know, I’m going to be so jelly.

Suggestion: have the right attitude when embarking upon a treasure hunt. FYI: I didn’t. I was hungry, freezing cold, slightly pressed for time and a little dismayed when I realized that the coordinates will get you close but because this isn’t an exact science, you do have to hunt in this treasure hunt. Needless to say, it wasn’t the greatest experience. I see how it could definitely be fun and I’m willing to give it another try (on a warm day when I am well fed). This inaugural treasure hunt was a bust. We didn’t find the capsule.

On the upside, I learned some great history about my neighborhood. Tall Handsome Son and I hugged it out later and I apologized for being grumpy.

Tall Handsome Son dutifully looking for the geocache in the former Cactus Drive-In field. How is he wearing shorts in 40 degree weather?


This is a picture of the micro-cache that is hidden somewhere at this site (Super tiny item to locate in a field. For perspective- those are fingers holding this capsule at the top of the photo). We didn’t find it, this picture was posted online by someone who did find it.

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