April 4 Back Smarts

This is my Power Pose

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind, body and spirit.”

Today my First was to take a class on back strengthening and stretching. I don’t have back problems, this is preventative maintenance and information but I learned a lot!

To sum it up, this is what I learned that I will use:

  1. Sitting is the new smoking. I sit all day. This is not good for my life. I have a sit/stand desk that hydraulically lifts when I press a button, so I’m going to stand more often. When standing, one foot should be on a box or step to take the pressure off of the hips. Stand on a cushioned mat. Alternate every hour between sitting and standing. OK, got it!
  2. I’ve said it before, life is core strength. Really. Always make sure to stand with proper alignment: chin slightly tucked, core lightly engaged, booty cheeks kinda tight, shoulders over hips, feet hip width apart. Yoga really helps with this. I practice Wonder Woman / Batman Power Posing all the time. Seriously. Stand like a Super Hero with hands on hips, it’s proper alignment and it boosts your confidence = a two-fer!
  3. Sit with back straight. No hunching over a phone, laptop, or plate of food. Unroll those shoulders! We are going to be a  nation of rolly-polly people pretty soon because of cell phones.
  4. Bend at the waist and bend the knees when doing so.
  5. Lift by putting one foot right next to the item to lift, other foot back, then bend knees with back straight, grab item, pull it close to the body, engage the core and lift up using the legs.
  6. I mop my floors at home every week. Instead of mopping with the upper body side to side, mop back and forth taking a step up and back. Same thing for raking leaves. Leaves! Ha! I live in New Mexico, there are no leaves.
  7. We walk EVERYWHERE at work. Wear the proper shoes for walking, not for looking cute! This one is going to be tough. I should try out the Colorado Look: sundresses and hiking boots. I saw a lot of that this past weekend. Interesting pairing. I bet they don’t have back pain…


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