April 5 Party Planner Me

money cake
Money Cake for a Sweet 16 Party

“I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.” Pablo Picasso

I am simultaneously planning three milestone birthday parties for the three most important people in my life: 1). Me  2). Tall Handsome Son and 3). Older Charming and Also Handsome Son. I already singing-telegrammed-hula-hooped-death-by-chocolate-cake-partied for my mom’s 75th birthday, then took her away for the weekend. That was a monumental birthday too, but she’s a little more low-key than the three of us.

My b-day party is going to be in another state and my actual Birth Day will be spent in another country. One month later, Tall Handsome Son’s Sweet 16 Party will be at the house, which is totally going to be a big deal because 16, duh! Then I’ll have several month’s of reprieve before Older Charming and Also Handsome Son will have a birthday trip to some far away, yet-to-be-determined-but-I’m-pretty-sure-I-know-where-it-will-be exotic location, which I am totally down for because 25 = a quarter century = a big deal. I am taking donations, Dear Reader, should you care to contribute to my Family Party Fund. This year is a Big Birthday Year for all of us.

Aside from all of the wonderful guests and photo-ops and candle-blowing and gift-giving and dancing and cake-eating and drinking… the logistics are daunting! Today my First was to create a schedule for all of this. Invitations need to be sent, menus determined, cakes made and/or ordered, decorations thought out, party games tested, tye-dye marshmallows made, balloons blown up, streamers streamed. This takes planning, scheduling, Pinterest, Groupon, someone with an Amazon Prime account, checklists, plane tickets, hotel accommodations, research, itineraries, creativity, party themes, etiquette, ground rules, asking for help, delegating  and MONEY!

The good news is: I love every second of this.

Here are some of my awesome ideas, feel free to hit me up with suggestions if you have any!

Colorful DIY decorations
fruit kabobs
This looks deliciously easy
nacho bar
Who doesn’t love nachos?
neon cake
Cool Neon Cake
sweet 16
I don’t know these kids, I’m just going to steal their idea


tye dye s'mores
Tye-Dye S’mores
Passport required


Finally checking this off my Bucket List



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