April 10 Restoring the Walking Path

” If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path.” Buddha

I have a walking path to get to my house and it has been in need of much love and repair. It is made of bricks. The bricks had weeds growing up between them, over and under them. Some of the bricks were spaced so far apart that it was actually like taking your life into your own hands to get to my door. You could twist your ankle or  just drop off the path in some spots. The path is pitch black at night unless it’s a full moon. I had solar lights but the mailman kept kicking them over, so those are gone. My upstairs neighbor never turns on her porch light. There is no streetlight in front of my house. There is one across the street, but it goes on and off throughout the night. Basically, it’s dangerous business coming over to my crib. In short, you might die.

My First today was to restore this brick path to it’s former, non-life-threatening, beauty. I worked on it this morning with Tall Handsome Son and my mom. They pulled weeds and I took out each brick one-by-one, re-packed the dirt and placed it back. Then shoveled more dirt in between each brick to act as mortar and keep the bricks in place without rocking back and forth, dangerously, as they did formerly.

Here it is:

brick path


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