April 14 CrossFit!!!!!!!!!!!

This photo is an update to yesterday’s (April 14) post: I went to the 5:45 AM class the next day too! Here is my morning group (minus the instructor – he’s taking the pic!) Lulu Starchild – front row, far left

“Strength is seen on the outside, but built on the inside.” Chalene Johnson

I do believe I have found a new religion at the Church of CrossFit! Blessed be the medicine ball, the barbell, the kettlebell, the burpee, the keg, sandbag and tractor tire! I LOVE THIS!!!!! Who knew? And why did it take so long for me to find out? I’ll tell you why: because I tell myself I’m too old when I watch the youtube videos of CrossFit Competitions. I remember what I used to look and feel like when I was younger and fitter. I get scared and think something on me is going to break, pull, strain or forget what to do. I say, I don’t have a six pack so I don’t have the core strength to do all of that. Bullsh*t, I don’t! I did it tonight. AND IT WAS FUN!!!!! And nobody STARTS at a CrossFit Competition, you work for it every day. Baby steps. Inch by inch. Better and better. Stronger and faster. A little bit more each time. I know that…I just forget it sometimes.

I love the Team Spirit at CrossFit. I introduced myself and that was enough to get smiles, handshakes, high-fives when I struggled, encouraging words when I needed to hear them. They just let me right in to their cult. LOL. The Black Box Gym is offering an entire free week of fitness classes to the public, but I just found out about it today. The second to the last day! So I’m going again tomorrow morning for my free class and have already been signed up for Aerial Yoga on Sunday. What is Aerial Yoga you ask? Ha! Watch Cirque Du Soleil, that’s what it IS! I truly can’t wait! So freakin’ excited!

Strongman Class – Black Box Gym, Caliente CrossFit, today’s workout…rocked it!

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