April 16 Vitamins and Pickles


“‎The simple truth is that you can understand a town. You can know and love and hate it. You can blame it, resent it, and nothing changes. In the end, you’re just another part of it.” Brenna Yovanoff

Today was quite dreary in The Land of Enchantment. I woke up to cold temperatures and gray skies full of rain clouds. I decided to go visit a nearby town called Los Lunas which translates to The Moons. This town is only about twenty minutes south but I’ve never headed my car in it’s direction. I never had a reason to…until today.

I heard about this cool store where they sell pickles. All kinds of pickles. Hot pickles, Kool-Aid pickles, garlic pickles, fruit punch pickles, lemonade pickles. I have never tasted a lemonade pickle, so I wanted to try it out. I walked in to Teri’s Sweet Garden and saw tons of tasty treats! I didn’t know it was a candy store until I got there, I thought they just sold pickles. I was pleasantly surprised. In addition to all of the candy and sweets, they had many selections of pickle flavors and I tried them all. Teri will give you a sample if you ask, so I asked for nine. This was the sweetest little shop. Literally. And the people were sweet too. Definitely cheered me up on this gloomy day. I took two flavored dill pickles home to share with Tall Handsome Son: garlic and fruit punch. (The garlic is delicious! The fruit punch just tastes weird, but I’m down with weird).

A few blocks down Main Street from Teri’s Sweet Garden is a place called Back to The Basics Clinic and Herb Store. There are all kinds of herbs and concoctions in there to treat whatever ails you – NATURALLY.  There are packaged things but the real appeal of the store is in it’s fresh, ground herbs and tea section. They will make something for you right there on the spot, just like an old school apothecary. They even have a clinic.  I spoke to Tamara (pronounced very similarly to tomorrow, but more like tomorra), she was a wealth of knowledge. I walked in expecting to buy something, but she gave me free samples of Life’s Fortune Vitamins and told me to go try them for three days. OK. Life’s Fortune Vitamins are an all natural, whole food supplement. Lots of good stuff in there. I’ll try them. Let’s see what happens.

This is the entrance, isn’t it adorable?
lollipop row
Cupcakes, peanut brittle, twinkies!
Specialty Pops for all branches of the military. Pictured here: US Army “Hooah!”
You know you’ve always wanted an M&M’s covered Twinkie, don’t lie
Life’s Fortune Vegetarian Vitamins

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