April 24 Railyard Games ABQ

raiyyard games 1

“CrossFit: getting your ass handed to you every day. And going back for more.”

Today for my First I had a choice to either attend Drag Queen Bingo or the Railyard CrossFit Games. I would have loved to win a Caribbean vacation from a bingo-playing, drag queen, but the admission fee was pretty steep for a chance to win. On the other hand, The Railyard Games were free and there were a few bad-asses that I know who were competing  and I wanted to cheer them on.

This was so much fun! I yelled for my friends and gym mates. They worked their collective butts off. These games are tough. It was a good time. They made me so exhausted just watching them that I need to take a long hot bath and get a massage. Great job to everyone who competed. You guys and ladies rock!

#BlackBoxGym #CalienteCrossFit #DukeCityCrossFit

railyard 3
The Railyard, downtown ABQ
railyard 4
Co-Ed Team Competition – kettle bell swings/ pulling weighted sled
railyard 5
I took a video of this team from Duke City CrossFit

railyards 2


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