April 26 Hannibal Buress at the Historic El Rey


“Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.” Lord Byron

Not feeling too super-hero-awesome today, a little under the weather. As you know, I strongly believe in the power of laughter. For my First, I went to a comedy show tonight at the Historic El Rey Theatre and laughed so heartily that I thought I would crap my pants. Now there is a lovely visual, imagine that: me laughing so hard that I actually can’t leave until the entire audience at the historic El Rey Theatre clears out and the cleaning crew comes in to clean up the crap that has escaped through the power of laughter. Hmmm… erase that visual. Hannibal was funny, but thank God he wasn’t that funny. His opening act was pretty good too,  I didn’t catch the guy’s name but he kinda looks like Hannibal. My only complaint would be that the acoustics in the El Rey are sub-par. Does anyone else know this? For the most part I got the jokes, but there were a few lines that I missed. Maybe it’s me. Everyone else seemed to laugh on cue.



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