May 2 Telling The Truth For an Entire Day

T or C
This is an actual town in New Mexico. They have natural hot springs there. Honest.

“Why must it feel so wrong when I try and do right?” Kid Cudi, Mr. Solo Dolo

The last time I dabbled with honesty was on February 15 when I asked for brutally honest feedback from those who know me best. Maybe you read that post, maybe you didn’t. What you don’t know is what prompted that post: Another Single Gal’s Valentine’s Day. Sometimes I just want to know what’s the haps when another flowers and candy holiday misses my doorstep.

Today I tried out Extreme Honesty. The extreme sport of honesty doesn’t necessarily translate to being cruel, although it can, depending on how you wanna play it. I chose extreme honesty with only a smidge of “mean girl” because that is the truth of who I am. Mostly sweet, with a cupful of blood-thirsty, wickedness.

For instance, my good friend asked me what I thought of a picture of a girl that he is dating. My honest assessment of the situation was that she looked like a man in make-up. No judgement, just honest feedback. I think he appreciated my input. When I went to my workout class tonight, I had to honestly acknowledge that I was not pushing myself as much as I could A.K.A. slacking. Yes, the Honesty Knife slices both ways.

I also took a polygraph test today. Now there’s a First! Do you realize that just knowing that you are being monitored for truth makes you feel like you are lying? It’s a wacky head trip. I was completely honest, but had increased heart rate, short breaths, sweaty palms, and at one point started choking and needed water. Ridiculous.

If you think being completely honest with everyone about everything is a breeze, I invite you to challenge yourself to a day of truth telling or even a few hours. Let me know how that goes.


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