May 6 In Search of Great Sorbet in Akron

The original Menches Bros in Akron, Ohio

Yummy! Today I had two flavors of orange-y inspired sorbet in the sorbet capital of the world: nope, not Italy. Akron, Ohio folks. Yes, it’s true. Not the part about being the sorbet capital of the world but the part about me being in Akron this weekend. Dear God. And yes, you guessed it, the sorbet was the best part. I had blood-orange sorbet at Menches Bros. and tangerine sorbet at Pub Bricco. Although I once lived in Akron, and Menches Bros. has been around since the 1800’s, our paths have never crossed before today. I have often described Northeast Ohio as the stripper who should have stopped working 15 years ago but she is oblivious to this fact, so she still goes on stage every night. This place died a long time ago.

Sorbet is basically fruit and ice – no dairy. I’m not a fan of dairy. Ice cream makes my tongue feel like it’s wearing a coat. I know. Bummer, dude.


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