May 10 Soapmaking

My raw materials: Kirk’s Castile Soap and doTERRA Essential Oils
“It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.” Napoleon Hill

I decided to make soap today. This made me quite happy! I didn’t actually make the soap, I used Kirk’s Coconut Castile Soap (totally vegan and totally old school) as my base and just added scents with essential oils. Making soap from scratch is kinda dangerous and way too time consuming for just a small batch. But by shaving down the Castile Soap, cooking it and adding fragrance, you can totally personalize your bubble-time, house cleaning and laundry. DIY, baby.

Some of my fave scents:

Frankincense (makes me think of Catholic Church and Prince – he smelled like Frankincense – super weird, I’ll always remember that)

Lemon & Lavender (love this combo)


Orange ( good wake you up in the morning, energizing scent)

Melaluca (Tea Tree Oil – yeah, I’m weird, I love the smell of Tea Tree Oil)



I would give  my right arm for Rose Oil! Anybody need a right arm? Because I need some damn Rose Oil!


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