May 8 Things I Am Grateful For

#1 & #7 Jamaica…what’s not to love?

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” Peace Pilgrim

The science behind gratitude in a nutshell: people who regularly practice gratitude have stronger immune systems, live happier lives and are able to experience every moment as it comes, even if it isn’t a great moment. I can definitely use all of that, so today my First is to  list the things that I am grateful for in my life.

  1. sunshine
  2. mint chip ice cream and red velvet cake
  3. funny jokes
  4. a good job
  5. my health
  6. playing dress up
  7. adventures/travels
  8. great kids
  9. an awesome bed that is sooooo comfortable
  10. salt lamps
  11. a reliable car
  12. nice people in my neighborhood and at my job
  13. beautiful mountains
  14. sunsets
  15. all the people who love me and the ones that I love
  16. health insurance
  17. believing that if I practice anything, I can eventually get good at it
  18. mad money to have fun with
  19. surprises
  20. the smell of clean laundry
  21. freedom to make choices about what I want
  22. having a unique living space
  23. dreaming
  24. being good in spelling and math
  25. hugs
  26. the ability to communicate with anyone
  27. everything about the ocean (smell, sound, movement, color, vastness)
  28. art
  29. yoga
  30. warmth and comfort
  31. plants
  32. knowing that everything changes
  33. helpful people
  34. books
  35. people who are patient enough to explain things to me
  36. secret gardens
  37. the sound of the voice of someone you love
  38. smiles
  39. peppermint tea on a cold day
  40. being relaxed/at ease in my own skin
  41. being heard
  42. soft lights
  43. the smell of someone you love
  44. good memories
  45. family get-togethers
  46. soft, furry, blankets
  47. crystals
  48. being here now
  49. a hot bath
dj pink cashmere
#17 Getting good at something?? DJ Pink Cashmere AKA Lulu Starchild on the 1’s and 2’s
#9 Oh, how I love thee. I love this bed!!
#6 Playing dress up: Battle of the Super Heroes – Super Knocked Up vs. The Hulk (that was not a real knock up, it was a plastic mixing bowl)
mardi gras2
Also #6 Mardi Gras Ball
#8 & #6, Can you tell I like to play dress up? B-day partay!!!!

#49 This bath tub is everything that a bathtub should be
#10 & #47, ya’ll know I’m weird, I believe in the power of the crystals


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