May 11 Sacred Geometry

flower of life
The Flower of Life

“As above, so below.”

I went to a sacred geometry class tonight at Abitha’s Apothecary. Brigita taught the class and she was fabulously informed on this topic. Sacred geometry describes the geometrical laws which create everything in existence. It unites the mind and the heart, spirit and matter, science and spirituality.  It is considered foundational to building sacred structures such as temples, mosques, megaliths, monuments and churches; sacred spaces; meeting places; and the creation of religious art using divine proportions.

A fundamental idea lying at the heart of Sacred Geometry is that it provided the means by which God, as the Great Architect of the Universe, was able to frame the template of Creation.  The ancient Master Builders of the pyramids had an understanding of Sacred Geometry. Sacred geometry exists in every cell of your body, your DNA, in stars. It’s a bit mind-blowing. There is no way that I could ever do this subject justice in a blurb on a blog.

This has piqued my interest to learn more and there is so much more to learn! Brigita’s class was a great jumping off point for a greater study of Sacred Geometry. I could spend a lifetime learning about this and I think I may have to…


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