May 20 Contacting the Blogoshpere

My post on the Public Swimming Pool Forum

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is one step outside of your comfort zone.”

This is my second blog. I started the first one kinda half-assed as I was leaving Ohio and making my way to New Mexico. I was weirdly inspired to start blogging when I gave away about 200 plants for free on Craigslist. I was moving cross-country, and I most certainly didn’t want to give my leafy-babies away, but I couldn’t take them with me. I posted pics of the plants and asked that whomever accepted 1 (or a dozen) would promise to give them light, love and water. I came across the most grateful people. I feel like I connected with every person who came to my house to get a plant that day. I had so many plants that I had to leave some out in the yard while I went to work, hoping that they would be picked up throughout the day and make their way to loving homes. One person who picked up a plant left a sweet note. She said that she was my neighbor but I didn’t recognize her name so I Googled her looking for a pic and hopefully a hint of recognition. When I did, I found her blog. She was a horror-movie enthusiast, as well as a doctor. So of course, I was intrigued. It seems she traveled all over the country and did off-beat stuff, then blogged about it. I thought to myself, “I’m a weirdo too. Maybe I can blog.” And the rest is history.

Blogging Round One was fun but it was sporadic. When I started working and schooling and mom-ing and trying to get to know this new place, I let the blog fall by the wayside. In short, I was having way too much fun (running one race per month, traveling, becoming the social butterfly and spreading my wings) so I put it down.

Now with the I Dare Me Challenge, I have committed to one entry for every day of 2016. It never occurred to me to check out what other people are doing, and doing well on their respective blogs and consulting them. So my First today was to go out into the blogosphere and talk to other writers and check their sites, offer feedback and encouragement and ask for the same in-kind reciprocation. And people actually read my stuff and responded. Well, what do you know? It worked. Pretty cool. Thanks.


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