May 22 No Play at Dave & Buster’s

“The love in our family flows strong and deep, leaving us memories to treasure and keep.” Anonymous

If you’ve ever been to Dave & Buster’s, you know that it is obligatory play at least one game. Even if it’s only Pac Man or the basketball game. I kick butt at the basketball game! Bottom line: you gotta play something. Today for the First time ever, my boy and I went to Dave & Buster’s and we just ate. Yeah, we usually eat, but we also usually have a showdown at Dance Dance Revolution or some shooting, alien-killing, war game too. We got so stuffed on burgers and chili cheese fries and grilled chicken Caesar salads that we slid out of there and back into the car and spoke about possibly taking a nap when we got home. Now, that is some good eatin’! The kind that makes you sleepy…

We got our energy back apparently on the drive home because when we got to the house, my boy turned on the radio and started dancing. I was having such a blast watching him, that I thought I should share it with somebody, so here you go…enjoy!

Note to self: don’t dance and record at the same time because this video may make you dizzy or have seizures. But we were having so much fun! My baby is so serious when he is dancing. Good family fun. Watch me Whip, watch me Nae Nae!


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