May 23 Twinkle Toes

“I always have this image of a woman running across a desert carrying children, trying to find water and food, not knowing when they’ll get that. And her feet are slashed up from the dry, hard earth… Even when I’m uncomfortable, sometimes in pain, or just cold… I think, Thank God for what I’ve got.” Sue Townsend

I’m funny about feet. Weird, actually. I don’t like other people’s feet. There, I said it. I may be in love with you, but I don’t want to be near your feet. I don’t want your feet to brush past mine under the covers. I don’t really want to know about the secret lives of your feet. And if you have long, finger-like toes. >>>shudder<<< Don’t get me started!

I don’t usually think about my feet. I love them. I appreciate them. They carry me where I need to go. I take off my shoes as soon as I get home and don’t put them back on until I am walking out of the door. I walk around bare-footed at work. In the summertime I get a french pedicure (white tips) and in the winter I usually paint my toenails black or vamp (which looks like a blackish red). Easy peezy. I rarely get pedicures. I mostly just paint them myself. More often than not, I go bare and have no polish on my toe nails. I use these feet a lot and they take a beating. Running is hard on the toe nails. Yoga is hard on the feet. I used to wear high heels EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY up until a couple of months ago. My feet have seen better days.

Since I don’t usually pay too much attention to them, today I decided to do something way out for me. It may not be way out for you, but it is way out for me. I painted each toenail a different color, then painted over with glitter polish. It looks pretty cool in the sunlight. I was trying to get a picture that showed the sparkle and twinkle just right, but that caused me to zoom in on my feet. Ugghhh, I think I like them better from a distance.

Twinkle toes


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