June 2 Offering Encouragement To A Stranger

” Get very comfortable with opposites. You are both shy and aggressive within the same body. You are lazy and hardworking. You get the most when you care the least about it. The tighter you squeeze water, the less you have. The things that upset us in others are the lessons we have to learn ourselves. The dualism is always there.” Dr. Wayne Dyer, You’ll See It When You Believe It

Today I offered encouragement to someone going through a tough time. Sure, we do that all the time for our children, family members, friends, co-workers, etc. Today I offered encouragement to someone whom I have never met before. That’s a First! Not to give too much away about this person’s personal situation: she is isolated, doesn’t have any family, and someone took advantage of her in a huge and hurtful way. The person who did it will never be caught or prosecuted and she is left to pick up the pieces.

I have already mentioned my belief in soul contracts. I believe that people come in to our lives to sometimes play the “Bad Guy” which helps us learn lessons which move us to the next level of higher consciousness. When the shit hits the fan in your life, the question is always, always, ALWAYS: “What was the lesson here?” We like to harp on how we were wronged, how we didn’t deserve it, how that will never happen again, what the punishment will be for the person who wronged us. That’s not the important stuff. What does this tell me about me? How can I learn from this? What changes can I make inside of myself? Those are the questions I try to ask. My emotions often carry me away and I get stuck in the muck of being the Victim. I get caught up in the telling and re-telling of the story. I relish in the outpouring of sympathy. Mindfully staying on the path of learning about oneself is not for sissies. This is work, baby.

These can be hard to swallow concepts, but swallow you must. Today I listened. I offered my support and encouragement that things will get better if only she committed to believing that they would. I vowed to be as kind to myself as I am to her right now when the inevitable life lessons come knocking on my door. I promised myself not to think only in terms of escape plans but also “getting through it” plans. I meditated upon one of my most favorite quotes: “The best way out is always through.” True dat.


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  1. I loved Wayne Dyer! You and I think alike on the big issues, I think. Well written-Best wishes!


    1. Thanks so much! Dr. Wayne Dyer was an inspiration. Best wishes to you as well. Namaste.

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