June 5 Geek Squad To The Rescue

The fabulously famous turquoise laptop  and the ottoman grave

“Talk nerdy to me.”

The Geek Squad. Do I love these guys? Yes I do. I’ve never used the Geek Squad until today but I should have called them a year ago…when I broke my computer. I broke it, deleted the operating system and effectively created a lovely turquoise coaster in the shape of a laptop. I asked everybody I knew if they could look at my poor little broken laptop but nobody wanted the headache.

I am not particularly tech-savvy. I deleted everything on my pc when I was trying to speed it up, so there you go. That shows you how much I know. Last night I had a dream that my computer was salvageable and that I could bring it back from the abyss and restore it to it’s former glory. I woke up and turned it on. The last time I turned it on was literally Summer, 2015. It gave up the ghost and I buried it in the ottoman. Then last night, it spoke to me in my dream. It said. “I’m here, in the damn ottoman. Get me outta here. We can be great together once again.” Nah, it didn’t say that, but in my dream I was on a tropical island and I was listening to my fave playlist ON MY TURQUOISE COMPUTER. The same turquoise computer that I am typing on right now, on the eve of my tropical freakin’ vacation! 

I woke up this morning and fired this baby up and the desktop appeared with my MUSIC and my PICTURES! I couldn’t believe it. Nothing else was happening though, no internet, no MS Office, no nothin’. So I called the Geek Squad. Why? I don’t know. I don’t have a subscription membership with them, I just believed they would help me. The lady on the phone was super sweet and made an appointment for me to bring it in to Best Buy to have someone look at it in person. They are not allowed to help with operating systems on the phone. She told me it costs $139 to fix operating system stuff and that the Best Buy Geeks might need to keep it overnight. I didn’t believe any of that. I knew that if my turquoise laptop could speak to me from the grave, that something fabulous was about to happen and it wasn’t gonna cost $139 or take overnight because I just don’t have that kind of time or money, darlin’ and my laptop knows that.

I was 15 minutes late for my appointment so I decided to walk in and act as if I didn’t have an appointment. I did my whole “I’m walking in off the street with this beautiful broken turquoise laptop” act. It worked. They will help any technologically challenged fool. The  young’un was so polite and so helpful. He just plugged my baby right in and went to work on her. It took about two hours. I messed it up good. But he was nice and said it really wasn’t that bad. Awwww….

When it was all fixed, he said “This costs over a hundred bucks but I’m not gonna charge you, lady. You’re nice.” I tell you I wanted to kiss him, bless his heart! I asked him his name so I could fill out the survey and give him all GOLD STARS. And when he told me his name, I melted. His name is the same as my oldest son’s name. I thanked him profusely, asked if I could buy he and his buddy’s a pizza, but they said they weren’t allowed to accept gifts. The buddy asked me to be his mom, though. I really thought I was gonna cry all over my little laptop right there in the middle of Best Buy. They were the bestest. I love geeks. Thanks guys.


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  1. what a sweet story! and the magic of the dream!


    1. Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate your comment. Today has been wonderful.

      Liked by 1 person

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