June 6 Lie To Me

“The body never lies.” Martha Graham

I spent the day in Los Angeles today and it was lovely. Mr. Wonderful and I binge-watched several episodes of “Lie To Me” at his house while chomping down on Trader Joe’s mini chocolate chip cookies. The ones in the plastic tub… it was great day. “Lie To Me” was a FOX TV show that aired 2009-2011 completely unbeknownst to me, so I’m glad I found it all these years later. It is about a guy who can tell if someone is lying by their facial micro-expressions and body language.

This got us thinking and talking and paying attention to every single twitch and glance and exhale of every person with whom we came in to contact for the remainder of the day. It proved to be a fun little game to play while waiting in the LAX International Airport with a gazillion people over the next several hours. I also caught myself in a couple of lies and noticed if anyone else had me figured out.


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