June 7 777

En route to Shanghai, hunkering down for the night

“Everything is made in China, except for babies. They are made in VaChina.”

I got on a plane the size of a city tonight. I’ve been on a Boeing 747 before but never a Boeing 777. The 747 is larger (wider wingspan and longer from nose to tail) but both of these aircraft are behemoth. I hunkered down for the night, I knew I was going to be on this baby for a while. Blanket, hair scarf, lumbar support pillow, neck pillow, eye mask, moisturizer, snacks, water, this is pretty much all one can do and pray that you are not sitting next to someone with a screaming baby or someone with gas – or worse yet, a screaming baby with gas.

No babies and no gas! The plane ride was not bad at all. 14 hours-ish, so my whole day was on this air ship. We had a beautiful flight attendant who apparently hated her job. At one point in the evening she and I faced off in the aisles as I headed for the lavatory. She just so happened to be headed toward me on the very narrow walking aisle. It was so strange, it was as if she didn’t see me. This woman walked straight in to me. We had full body contact like we were football players. It was the most bizarre experience I have ever had with a strange, frowning woman. Her body language was some of the most aggressive I have ever witnessed in my life. She routinely scouled at us when we asked for more wine, roughly told us to return to our seats when we did airplane yoga in the back of our seating section and snapped about electronic devices needing to be turned off in-flight. I vowed that the next time she approached me I was going to reach out and hug her but she must have felt my loving vibe, because she avoided me like the plague.


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  1. Walter Ernest says:

    This is adventurous Cat, and your funny, I’ve always known you to have a good sense of humor though.


    1. Yes, just enjoying the life I have been given. Much love to you from Bali. Hope to keep you entertained.


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