June 10 White Water Rafting Telaga Waja River

A little waterfall yoga to go with my white water rafting

“Travel while you are young and able. Don’t  worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.”

Ok, I messed up, let me explain. I went zip lining and white water rafting on the Telaga Waja River today and it was insanely fun and high energy. To get there we took a 3 hour scenic ride over bridges, through countrysides, past rice fields and into the mountains. We made a pit stop at a coffee factory where they process the Kopi Luwak Coffee – the most expensive coffee in the world. I had a cup and it was okay. Kopi Luwak is the coffee that comes from civet cat shit. Seriously, this is not a joke. The civec cat eat the coffee beans and poop it out. It then gets processed and sold in the world for gazillions of dollars. I’m not a coffee drinker so I don’t have a refined palate for cat shit. We had a coffee and tea tasting at the coffee plantation and I purchased tea to take home: lemongrass and rosella. No cat shit coffee for me, thank you.

On to the zip lining and white water rapids: I had a video camera and thought I was recording the entire time BUT I wasn’t. I have a little bit of video before the rapids got wild and crazy, before we went over the 12 foot drop and I flew ass-over-teakettle, before we splashed other rafters going down the river, before we stopped at the most beautiful waterfalls you’ve ever seen in your life and before we rafted through the most lush jungles that looked like real life Jurassic Park. I am soooooo disappointed that the video did not come out. Sad face. But something tells me I am going to be doing some more good stuff, so I won’t fret. I have the mental memories.

We rafted down a crazy, rock-strewn river for 3 hours, went over a 12 foot drop which caused my feet to fly over my head backwards (true story), stopped for a Balinese lunch and had military-style (group) showers afterward complete with teeny tiny baby frogs in the shower. This was a lovely day. I went for my 2 hour massage with Andy then dinner on the beach. It started raining and we had to pick up our food and run for cover. Rain on the beach and dinner outside is still absolutely wonderful when you are in paradise. I have no complaints and can hardly wait to do it all over again tomorrow.

** This is what I learned from my mistake: thinking that I was recording when I actually wasn’t. My micro SD card, the thing that I was recording on, is “write protected” so the previous recordings did not get recorded over by my new recordings. I have to learn how to remove the write protection on my micro SD card before anything else cool happens and I miss it. Been looking online for quick and easy how-to’s but I’m just not that tech savvy. I’ll try to figure it out or figure something else out to get some cool video while here.

My wonderful breakfast courtesy of the wonderful Lydia
One of the many waterfalls we passed. Couldn’t really take pics because we were rowing past and the cameras were tucked safely away in the waterproof bag. This was a stop we made and got out of the raft to climb up to the waterfall.
The view from the back of the bus
Doing my jungle thang, wandering off as usual
Civet cat – he shits gold
Kopi Luwak beans growing on tree
coffee beans
Poop beans (front left – before cleaning), poop beans (after cleaning – front right and back). This coffee is all organic and processed by hand, no machines.
She is roasting the poop beans in the back. In the foreground is the coffee grinder – manpower, no machines to be found here
grind coffee
Ground coffee
Coffee beans – Luwak and Arabica and some other stuff that I know absolutely nothing about because I don’t drink coffee
I may not know anything about it but I’ll still drink it
All of our coffee and tea samples – my faves were the coconut coffee, sweet potato coffee, vanilla coffee, lemongrass tea, saffron tea and rosella tea
Coffee beans grow high up in the mountains
Come join me!


Sunset dinner at the beach – Teba Mega Cafe, Jimbaran – I highly recommend this








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  1. Walter Ernest says:

    Looks really exciting Cat, I’ve never really thought about traveling, in the sense to explore, but it looks like I should add this to my, “bucket” list.


  2. Yes you should! Traveling is good for the soul.If you ever want to go some place, any place, I’ll go with you… keep that in mind.


  3. Brian Morales says:

    Great video!!

    Liked by 1 person

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