June 11 Kuta Beach and Shopping

Kuta Beach Turtle Preservation

“To a man with an empty stomach, food is God.” Gandhi

Today I went to Kuta Beach, hung out under a shade umbrella and drank coconut water. It was relaxing and idyllic. There were a lot of vendors hawking their wares: sarongs, coconuts, beaded jewelry, bows and arrows (seriously – bows and arrows). We weren’t interested in the junk they were selling, we just wanted to enjoy the beautiful turquoise water, the ocean air, the sparkling sunshine, sounds of music and laughter. You know, we wanted to revel in the fact that we are on vacation – in paradise. But they were begging us to let them massage us, sell us something, show us something. They are in paradise too but they don’t look like they are enjoying it. They are hungry, stressed, struggling.

I rode a motorcycle the entire day as a passenger. Motorcycles rule the road here. In Bali, a motorcycle can be an SUV. I have seen a mom, dad, two kids plus a bag of groceries on ONE motorcycle! I’ve seen bamboo stalks on a motorcycle. I’ve seen what looks like someone moving everything they own on a motorcycle. Motorcycles dart in and out of traffic, challenge oncoming traffic and run red lights. We did all of that and more today. It was quite an adventure.

I went shopping at Errlanga 2 which is an enormous store that has everything: clothing, food, accessories, shoes, housewares, souvenirs. I bought a bunch of stuff then ate chicken and noodles at a local restaurant. It was inexpensive but tasted very good. They call that “real” in Bali, something that is not expensive and is good for the price. I thoroughly enjoyed my day today.

Sitting in the shade at Kuta Beach
Enjoying  a refreshing coconut
kuta 4
Watching the surfers at Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach
The view from underneath a shade umbrella – SUPER HOT today.
Shopping, shopping and more shopping. Then carrying everything home on the motorcycle with me and Saul.



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