June 19 Durian – Fruit of the Gods

“No matter how faint the light of distant stars, be amazed with me that it has traversed a universe to reach us.” William C. Hannan

This was interesting! Today I tried the Durian fruit of Bali, Indonesia. Durian is called the Fruit of Kings, I renamed it the Fruit of the Gods. Let me tell you about Durian: it looks like a baby armadillo, the entire thing is covered in mid-evil spikes. If you are standing under a Durian tree and one of these things falls on you, it’s probably a safe bet that you are not favored by the gods. This fruit could be used as a weapon in battle. When it is cut open, it reeks of rotting fruit. Our hosts find it to be a putrid smell and they absolutely will not allow it in the house. Lydia describes it as wet socks that have been fermenting for two months. My Sister-Cousin and I ate the Durian but we had to eat it out in the far corner of the yard! That’s how much our hosts didn’t want to smell this thing. That’s pretty bad.

The funny thing about smells is this: some people may find a particular smell revolting (rotting fruit) and others may think it’s not so bad. My Sister-Cousin and I were not dismayed by the smell of the Durian. I was quite cautious because of everything I had heard about it. The sight of the jelly filled sacks in the pod creeped me out. It literally looks like a body-snatchers-type pod that is incubating little baby Durians that will rise up and take over the world in some evil, otherwordly, smelly plot. It looks creepy on the inside. To be honest, I think our friend who fetched the Durian got an extra mild one for us because she is a sweetheart and didn’t want us to run away screaming. The smell was definitely something different and the taste and texture was like sweet custard bathing in alcohol, just as it was described to me. If you ever get the chance, you must try it just for the experience. And the horror.

My face in this video is priceless. As I viewed it, I tried to use my new-found skills in reading facial micro-expressions and what I see on my face is fear and disgust. Which is a true assessment. I was definitely afraid and disgusted, but in the end it didn’t taste so bad. I am working on my courage muscles in Bali, I have tried so many new things: treetop walk, elephant riding, white water rafting, motorcycles, monkeys, bats, frogs and mice. What’s next?

*Explanation: The first minute of this video is absolute mayhem because our hosts want this fruit OUT OF THE HOUSE! After about a minute, it settles down and you can see us try the fruit for the first time. By the way, “bule” means foreigner, kinda like “gringo” in Mexico. I come to Bali and I become a white person, now that’s funny!


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