June 30 Recipe from ‘Cooking without Limits’

New dessert recipe from Cooking without Limits: Summer Chia Seeds Pudding. She is awesome, visit her blog and see for yourself

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.”  Cesar Chavez

I get the nicest feedback from complete strangers on this blog and it’s pretty dang cool! Most times it intrigues me to check out their online stuff and see what they are up to and it’s usually something totally awesome that I want to do one day as well. Today was the day for me to do one new thing from someone else’s blog. Cookingwithoutlimits is awesome and I made her Summer Chia Seeds Pudding (June 24 post) today! I’m starting out with the easy recipes first! LOL. This was simple, delicious and nutritious. Can’t ask for more. I love her recipes and photos!! I wish her photos were  edible. Cookingwithoutlimits even has photography tips on how to most beautifully represent your culinary masterpiece. How thoughtful. I don’t know you, Cookingwithoutlimits, but I appreciate you, girlfriend! Please click on the link above  (or here) to go to her website for the complete recipe and photos and to browse some of her other stuff too. You may be inspired.

Looks like Cookingwithoutlimits has been at this for quite a while judging by the blog entries (dating back to 2012) and the sophistication and skill with which she creates. So what I want to say to you, Dear Reader, is if you try something and it isn’t pretty or doesn’t turn out picture perfect, don’t give up. You can try to bake, cook, create something else. With practice, we will all get good at this one day. Then we can cook for each other and no one will have to go hungry.

** Couple of helpful hints: I made the Summer Chia Seeds Pudding in both a shot glass and a wine goblet. The shot glass firmed up within a few hours in the fridge, but the wine goblet may take overnight to firm into a pudding-like consistency, so take that into consideration if you are making this for yourself and loved ones. Also, check and double check your organic berries BEFORE you leave the market. I thought I did this just like I always do, but there was a ‘good’ crate and a ‘bad’ crate in my hands and I must have inadvertently grabbed the icky one. I only got maybe 9 or 10 berries out of my crate and the rest were moldy. No fun!

Is it super obvious how much I liked this pudding?

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  1. sounds wonderful-thank you. I live the quote!

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