July 6 Monkey Balls

monkey balls
Monkey Balls (top) and Salmon Bento Box from Crazy Fish, Albuquerque, NM

“I am not a glutton. I am an explorer of food. “ Erma Bombeck

Today I did a whole slew of things that I have never done before. I went to a sushi place and didn’t order sushi. Ummm….what? Strange, I know, considering how much I love sushi and food and the act of eating, in general. Super weird. I was with Tall Handsome Son and we just finished our very First workout at a real life gym together. He was feeling a bit lightheaded and woozy because I go hard, I don’t care if you are my baby boy, darlin’. Put up or shut up! Just kidding. But I do go hard. And it’s like 900 degrees today, so I let the lightheadedness slide…this time.

Anyhoo, I wanted to try something that I read about in a food review in the Alibi but I didn’t want a whole meal because I had food at home. So I ordered Monkey Balls from Crazy Fish, a restaurant in my neighborhood that I have never visited before today. And since my boy was feeling a little weak, I ordered it “To Go” which is another thing that I never, ever do. Switching it all up today!

Let me just say, that the Monkey Balls were super delicious. What is a Monkey Ball? Deep fried mushrooms stuffed with spicy tuna and drizzled with a heavenly spicy sauce. This is a spicy little number and it is so, so good. I also took the food reviewer’s suggestion and tried the Salmon Bento Box because that’s an easy thing to take “To Go”. A Bento Box is a Japanese food thing, so if you don’t eat Japanese, you don’t know what that is either. It’s a box with little compartments of food: usually a fish of some sort, rice (of course), salad and something pickled or tempura. The Salmon Bento Box  was good, but not as impressive as the Monkey Balls. It contained salmon on a bed of steamed rice, traditional salad with ginger dressing, a pickled seaweed salad, tempura veggies and several cuts of  a California roll. I don’t consider a California roll real sushi and I didn’t know that it came with the Salmon Bento Box so I still stand by my statement that I went to a sushi restaurant and didn’t order sushi. Next time though, there is always next time.


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